Classical Music

Classical influence plays a major role in the formation of the dynamics of music. It started out in the traditions of western religious music and secular music. There are a lot of musicians who got their inspiration in making their piece out of their religious beliefs and religious practices, one of the most important and influential European classical music composer is Johann Sebastian Bach whom most of his compositions are for his church, the Lutheran church. Another genre is the secular music which are music that are non religious in nature, it is developed in the medieval period and was used in renaissance. Secular music includes love songs, dances and political satires.

It uses a wide collection of musical instruments of different tunes and pitches. Composers wrote orchestras and wind ensembles for chamber music, the opera which uses the human voice as an instrument to create a sound was also a popular classical music.

Forms of classical music will also include the concerto, symphony, suite, symphonic poem and many more. The most respected works of classical music uses musical development. In order to perform classical music one must have technical mastery and should have a certain amount of knowledge in musical manipulation.


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