The Heart of Music

Music is so powerful that it can control the emotions of anyone who listens to it. It can take you to places you have never been; it can bring back memories that have been long forgotten. To many people in many cultures, music is an important part of their way of life. In whatever religion or group of people you will find them to have some chants or some musical compositions that distinguish them. There is a string that connects every human being to one another and that is the sound created with melody, harmony and rhythm.
There is music deep within every creation if you will only listen. Open your heart you will see the strings that connects us to it. One part of our substance is music. You can't say that someone is making noise and not music just because the sound doesn't fit on what you think is the right tune, as one musicologist stated that the border between music and noise is always culturally defined.

All things point to God one way or another and music is no different. The wellspring of music will always be defined on the context on how God created it. He is the source of everything. He is the Creator and music is one of His beautiful creations. We can read on the bible that on His throne is surrounded by orchestra that fills the whole place with praises and worship to Him ‑ it all points to Him. The world has distorted music but He will come one day and redeem what is rightfully His.


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