Theres something about this

I don't know how it awakens me but there's something about music that penetrates my very being and catches my sleeping soul. Am I sounding weird already? well I am....if I lost my reality and my imaginations take me far away from who I really am, music is taking me back to where I am suppose to be. to who I am suppose to be giving my heart to and to who I am supposed to be giving my eyes to...

Actually I am quite distracted, I am losing focus, I am running to the wrong direction or am I running at all??..I feel dehydrated..My soul needs rest, my heart needs a touch.. I just want to feel the One that will relieve me from all of this..and until then..I cling unto this music..until I am alive, until I feel and know that I am alive..

Maybe I've neglected the most important thing......or I'm wasting too much time for the things that will fade........the only thing I can take to heaven is my music and my heart.............


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