Pachelbel's Canon in D major

One of the most beautiful creation of the famous composer Johann Pachelbel. The only canon he had written. It remained until today and is one of the most famous piece of Pachelbel, It was originally scored for three violins and basso continuo and paired with a gigue in the same key. The Canon (without the accompanying gigue) was first published in 1919 by scholar Gustav Beckmann, who included the score in his article on Pachelbel's chamber music. Over the years, the Canon has been arranged numerous times for a wide variety of ensembles. The Canon's chord progression proved to be immensely influential; it was used in countless pop and rock songs.

In Baroque era this type would have been played moderate to fast tempo but in the 20th to 21st century it became a fad to play this at a very slow tempo.

I totally love this canon. Whenever I listen to this song I am taken to places where I've never been. I feel the warmth of summer, the beautiful daisies on spring and the chilling beauty of winter. Sometimes it makes me cry thinking about the beauty of life and how good it is. God is so good that he created such beauty.

You can download the whole piece here


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I love Canon in D like you ^^

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